Welcome to talktoastranger.com. If you're looking to talk with strangers, this website is for you. This website is designed for two strangers to talk one on one with each other anonymously online. Even if you don't know how to talk to a stranger, it's a good way to learn. If you're looking for tips on how to approach strangers, use the tips button at the top of the page. We've gone through all of the available advice and give you only the very basics so it's easier to understand. You'll be out there chatting with strangers in no time with our tips. Even if you're shy in social environments.
    This is a great way to cure boredom or meet new friends. Instead of going out to the mall, bar, or movies, just sit down and chat with a stranger! Make friends. Talking to someone online can give you hours of entertainment for free! Please don't be rude, it's not very fun for the receiving party.
    Don't reveal personal information to strangers.
    Topic Ideas: movies, sports, music, cars, video games, etc..